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SR.F ™ 200
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SR.F ™ 200  concrete formwork insulating panels are used as foundation insulation in new buildings. SR.F ™ 200 is also used as concrete wall insulation.


Concrete formwork insulating panels are made of rigid and closed plastic cells which ensure an optimal thermal performance and an excellent water resistance.

Placed in the formwork before the casting of the concrete, the panels ensure dryness, without unpleasant moulds and odors. The elimination of the airspace between the concrete and insulation prevents warm moist air from infiltrating, condensing and creating mould.


SR.F ™ 200 insulating panels are 3’’ or 4’’ thick and are available in varying heights
of 4’ to 10’ and widths of 2’’ to 24'' for a perfect match with any form.


Foundation walls, inside insulation
Go for the easy way - SR.F ™ 200 insulates basement walls of new buildings with an
easy system. SR.F ™ 200 inside facilitates the completion of the basement by combining insulation with the pouring of foundations walls. The insulating panels form a thermal barrier in perfect contact with the concrete.  Moreover, the plastic ties inside the panels ensure the integrity of the final components by providing a rigid surface for the screwing of the furs.

Foundation walls, outside insulation
SR.F ™ 200 also makes it possible to insulate the foundation walls of new buildings on the outside. Protecting the concrete in this way limits cracking and water infiltration and minimizes the freeze-thaw cycle. Plastics ties facilitate the installation of lattice and/or furrings. The installation of outside insulation needs an impermeable seal applied cold (ether a trowelled on paste or with self adhesive).

Outside walls, above ground
SR.F ™ 200 not only insulates foundations but also concrete outside walls of residential and agricultural buildings.


Physical Properties

Styro Rail insulation is entirely recyclable.

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